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analyze tracks based on the sound for tracks with out name s

infinity , 20.05.2012, 09:07
Idea status: under consideration


zgvozden, 20.05.2012, 23:08

Any information that we have that only gracenote has a database with tag information from mp3 analyses.
Any suggestions is more then welcome.


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infinity, 21.05.2012, 08:38
yes you are right, although i left in one of my ideas another site, unfortunately to have this idea apear i needed to repeat it several times before it was finally in the list, so i might missed in this one.
to implement that I would suggest to be able for the user to choose which section of the track to sample this way you will not make mistake like winamp does. They take the beginning of the track, well it may work on most of the time except on the track that at the beginning of it introduce the audio, in that case all tracks will turn up with the same name. for eg.
"welcome to my podcast of learning the easy way. this material is open to public......, now we begin with the lesson 5" if you have that at beginning of each track then all will recognize the same therefore you need to be able to sample other parts of the track
thank you

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